A downloadable game for Windows

An implementation of a simple Zelda style action battle system in Smile Game builder.

'The evil Baron Lord King has trapped you in his gladiatorial arena. You must battle 5 knights in hand to hand combat for his amusement.'

 Building on Mottzy's 'Knock back and aura effects'  Smile Game Builder tutorial to create a Zelda like action battle system. Using the principles of his aura system we track where the player character is and measure it against the enemies position to create knock back and damage effects and define where the character can stand to score a hit on the enemy. 

Available is both a stand alone executable and editable Smile Game Builder project file, please feel free to explore, repurpose and reuse the scripts in any way you see fit. 

Attack with the action button (Z or Enter)

Main music track "Ancient Game Opening" from https://soundimage.org/epic-battle/

'Gladiator's Pit' 
Technical Games. 2020.


Gladiator's Pit Standalone.zip 56 MB
Gladiator's Pit 0.7.zip 423 kB

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